DP02 SM2013 Week05

1. Review of W04 Assignments

Assignment 4.0

  1. Model a 10x10x2″ T-Splines smooth form based on your field image.
  2. Render 2+views and upload images to your page.

Assignment 4.1

  1. Create foam milling model.
  2. Bring the model to next class.
  3. Take 2+ photos of the model and upload images to your page.

Assignment 4.2

  1. Crop the inspiration image to 10×10″.
  2. Print and mount the image to formcore.
  3. Bring the board to next class.

2. Pavilion Lecture


La Voute de LeFevre Installation Investigates Stereotomic Design through Digital Fabrication


Temporary Timber Pavilion


Dragon Skin Pavilion is a Digitally Fabricated Plywood Sculpture







3. Weaving Tutorial

  • 1 st half
    • Create a bounding box @ 10x10x10″
    • Create a cylindrical form
    • Create a 2d box and a diagonal line
    • Use “ApplyCrv” Command to create a spiral around the form
    • Rotate Copy the line by 15 degree
    • Loft Between 2 curves
    • Array Polar x10 with 360 degree fill
    • Mirror the model to create crossing group
    • Render this part and post it on the website
  • 2nd Half
    • Get intersection between 2, and get some points
    • Try Unrolling and you will find a strange section
    • Trim top and bottom part of the model, and try unrolling again
    • Unroll 1 section with intersection points.
    • Connect between points to get intersection plane
    • Unroll 1 section from the 2nd group with intersection points.
    • Duplicate each section by 10 times.

4. The Canopy Project

  • Based on your project, create a diagram about occupancy, and movement of performers
  • Think of this space as a extension of your retail project.

Assignment 5.0

  • Create a model of Weaving structure
  • Material can be museum board
  • Post pictures of the model on the website

Assignment 9.1

Concept pitch for the canopy project

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