DP02 SP2013 Week11

1.  Review of W10 assignment

Assignment 10.0

  • Draft canopy design for overall form, no texture or sub-geometry needed.
  • A quick render 4+ view, upload it on the site.

Assignment 10.1

  • A connection detail model
  • A simple model that resolves a general connection nodes of your canopy

2. Parts Axonometric Exercise


Parts Axo Slide

Pixar Lamp Exercise

  • Download 3D model here
  • Set the view to Parallel mode
  • Copy the entire object to another layer
  • In the original layer, start separating pieces in different ways
  • Make sure direction of explosion has some rhyme and reason
  • Adjust your axonometric view and object placement to eliminate overlapping of objects
  • Make 2D, and correct lineweights

3. Desk Crits

Assignment 11.0

  • Finalize your canopy design in Rhino with patterns on
  • Render 4+ views and post them on the website
  • You need to finalize the design of the canopy by the beginning of next week, as we will spend rest of the term in drawing and production of the piece.

Assignment 11.1

  • Create a connection detail study model out of your 3D model
  • Use laser cutter with true dimension

Assignment 11.2

Build your ENV 2 model in Rhino, bring it to the class for desk crit.

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