DP02 SP2013 Week10

1. Review of Assignment 9.0

  • Weaving Model

2. Review of Assignment 9.1

  • Concept Pitch for the Canopy
  • Roundtable discussion by group of 3

sgt  4

3. The canopy project


  • The canopy is an extension of your project to outside.
  • Size of this canopy will be 20x20x20′ maximum
  • It needs to have a relevance to your project.  
  • The relevance can be based on conceptual, or  functional.
  • You can design your canopy for a specific street performer.


  • You have to employ following digital fabrication technique in your design
    • Sectioning
    • Tessellating
    • Folding Contouring
    • Forming
  • Since final output of this is a piece of full-scale model, 3D printing as a final output is not accepted.

Final Output

  • 1/8″=1′-0″ Model
  • Connection detail model
  • Plan + Section 
  • Construction exploded axo
  • Connection detail drawing

Assignment 10.0

  • Draft canopy design for overall form, no texture or sub-geometry needed.
  • A quick render 4+ view, upload it on the site.

Assignment 10.1

  • A connection detail model
  • A simple model that resolves a general connection nodes of your canopy



Ten Years Serpentine Gallery Pavilions 


Sci-Arc Gallery 2002-10


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