DP02 SP2013 Week09

1. Re-Review of Midterm

  • How to argue digital fabrication in academic context?
    • Abstract relationship to the concept
    • Iconic aspect
    • Usage
    • Effect and Affect

2. Pavilion Lecture


La Voute de LeFevre Installation Investigates Stereotomic Design through Digital Fabrication


Temporary Timber Pavilion


Dragon Skin Pavilion is a Digitally Fabricated Plywood Sculpture

3. Weaving Tutorial

  • 1 st half
    • Create a bounding box @ 10x10x10″
    • Create a cylindrical form
    • Create a 2d box and a diagonal line
    • Use “ApplyCrv” Command to create a spiral around the form
    • Rotate Copy the line by 15 degree
    • Loft Between 2 curves
    • Array Polar x10 with 360 degree fill
    • Mirror the model to create crossing group
    • Render this part and post it on the website
  • 2nd Half
    • Get intersection between 2, and get some points
    • Try Unrolling and you will find a strange section
    • Trim top and bottom part of the model, and try unrolling again
    • Unroll 1 section with intersection points.
    • Connect between points to get intersection plane
    • Unroll 1 section from the 2nd group with intersection points.
    • Duplicate each section by 10 times.

4. The Canopy Project

  • Based on your movie, create a diagram about occupancy, and movement of performers
  • Think of this space as a extension of your retail project.

Assignment 9.0

  • Create a model of Weaving structure
  • Material can be museum board or veneer
  • Post pictures of the model on the website

Assignment 9.1

Concept pitch for the canopy project

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