DP02 SM2012 Week09

1 Review of Midterm deliverables

Discussion on Midterm

2 Skins and Bones

DP02_Skins Lecture

Architectural skin

  • Functional aspect through 5 senses
  • Symbolic aspect – abstraction of meaning of the building

3. Faceted Skin tutorial

  1. Create 12″x2″x6″ boundary
  2. Create T-Spline plane with X=6 Y=3 subdivision
  3. Triangulate each face
  4. Move verts, edges, and faces around
  5. Create a new layer and trace each triangle
  6. Copy all triangle to Y direction by 0.25″
  7. Grab 2 corresponding triangles and “PlanarSrf” and “Loft” to create closed Polysrf
  8. Change Construction Plane to each triangle, offset curve by 0.06″ and 0.06″
  9. Extrude new outer triangle (both sides) by 0.125″
  10. Extrude new inner triangle (both sides) by 2″
  11. Boolean Difference original triangle solid with 2 new triangles to create a frame condition
  12. Repeat the process for all the triangles
  13. 3D Print the frame
  14. For each face, determine either opaque and transparent, and lasercut 1/16″ plexiglass
  15. Lasercut 6″ tall scale figure

4. Conceptual diagram for the skin

Think about functional aspect of the skin in terms of 5 senses, and draw a diagram

Assignment 9.0 Due Week 10

  • Complete 3d print and lasercut model
  • Produce a diagram that explains your concept for the skin

Plastic Source

1/16″ Clear

1/16″ Milky White

Solter Plastics, Inc.
12016 W. Pico Blvd.
West Los Angeles, CA. 90064

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