Week 02 9/23 Basic Orthogonal Modeling01

download Week 02 Course Material


1 Review of Week01 Assignment

2  Rhinoceros – Start Modeling Continued

  • Revolve a curve around an axis
  • Blend a surface between two surfaces
  • Loft a surface through curves
  • Sweep a curve along a single rail curve
  • Sweep a curve with two rails
  • Revolve a curve with a rail
  • Offset a surface

3.  2D Commands

A. Polyline
B. Control Point Curve
C. Circle
D. Ellipse
E. Arc
F. Rectangle
G. Polygon
H. Fillet
I. Trim
J. Extend
K. EditPointsOn
L. Osnap

4.  3D Commands

A. Project Osnap
B. Join / Explode
C. Surface / Poly Surface
D. Split
E. Group / UnGroup
F. Align
G. Dimensions
H. Project
I. Dup Edge / Boader
J. Make 2D

5.  Art Center Modeling (Existing Condition)

Art Center Hillside Campus

  • Open “W02_ACCD.3dm”
  • Create layers by category (i.e. administration / classrooms / etc)
  • Use Polyline tool to trace a cluster of rooms (make sure they are under appropriate layers)
  • Extrude Each curve by 14′(ceiling height)
  • Align 1st and 2nd floors

5.  Art Center Modeling (New Design)

  • Rearrange the “program blocks” into different form.(i.e. multi-storey/ tower / etc)
  • Define point of entry
  • Define Front and Back
  • Think about relationship between programs
  • Think about circulation and sequencing

Assignment 2 Art Center Modeling (New Design)
Due Week 03 (5%)

  • Please upload images in your page.

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