Week 14

Week 14 12/16 Show Movie / Your Environment

01 Logistics:

Please copy your:

  1. concept movie
  2. obj file
    1. please go back to your rhino file, and check scale.  If the interior short section length is 11′, that’s correct.  If not, please scale(3d) your model.
  3. maya file
  4. maya movie

02 Charette – 2 hour challenge

Imagine your own environment, and your favorite moment.  Design that environment.

  • If you like to read, design the perfect reading environment
  • If you like to swim, design the best swimming environment for you
  • If you like to take a bath, design the most comfortable bathing environment
  • If you like to drink with someone, design the coolest drinking environment

Use all the skills you acquired in the class.  Rhino, T-splines, V-Ray, Maya, and any means necessary. Please upload at least 2 images to your page in the website after 2 hours.

02.5 Individual Commentary (5 mins each)

03 Charette presentation

04 Individual Studies Final Review (6pm)


Assignment 14

Please upload following to the website by 12/18(SAT) Midnight

  1. Final train renderings
  2. Final maya movie via youtube (embed in your page)
  3. Any missing previous assignments
  4. Anything you think is relevant

I will start grading immediately after the deadline.  Any uploads after the deadline will not be graded.

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