Week 12

Art Center College of Design

Digital Process 01

Week 12 Introduction to Animation


Download train model here

01 Review of Week 10 assignments

02 Maya Animation Tutorial 01 / preparing file in Rhino

  1. Create a series of boxes, organize each material group into layers, and apply material to layers.
  2. Select desired objects and >File>Export Selected > Save as OBJ
    1. Save objects as Polygon Mesh
    2. Save surface trim curves as Polylines
    3. End-of-line characters Windows
  3. Turn on:
    1. Export layer names
    2. Export material definitions
    3. Sort by layer

02 Maya Animation Tutorial 02 / Maya basics

Maya interface

  1. Open Maya
  2. Explain Maya’s navigation system
  3. Drag and drop OBJ file into scene
  4. >File>Save>SetProject to local folder.
  5. Object mode to shaded mode by pressing number key
  6. Open >Window>Outliner.  Outliner is similar to Layer in Rhino.
  7. >Create > Camera aim and up
  8. Open channel box
  9. Move “up”, and lock position
  10. Move “aim” and “camera”
  11. In the perspective view, select >panels>perspective>camera1 to activate newly created camera.
  12. Select camera and open preference panel.  >Environment>Background>change it to white
  13. Move camera in other views and see the difference

03 Maya Animation Tutorial 03 / Animating Camera

  1. 1 second = 30 frames
  2. Change end frame to 300 frames (=10 seconds)
  3. Change playback setting to 30fps
  4. Select camera and open channel box
  5. Decide first position of the camera and “key selected” xyz position of camera in channel editor
  6. Move current time in time slider and move camera again, and “key selected”
  7. Repeat this process until 300 frames
  8. Preview animation

04 Maya Animation Tutorial 04 / Rendering movie

Maya Render Settings

  1. Follow the settings above.
  2. >Render>Batch Render
  3. Go to folder and play movie

05 Lab Session

  1. Modeling ENV01 model in Rhino
  2. Signup

Assignment 12 – final

  1. Stills
    1. 2 Exterior render
    2. 4 Interior render
    3. 1 Section render
  2. Movies
    1. 1 minute animation (1800 frames)

Storyboard discussion

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