Week 10

Art Center College of Design
Digital Process 01
Week 10 11/18 3D Screen
Toyo Ito / Serpentine Gallery
Download Week 10 material

1  Review of Week 08 Assignment

  • A.  Field Condition

2  3D Tiling 01

  1. Pick 2 from field images.
  2. Place one image using “backgroundBitmap” command
  3. Trace image using polyline command
  4. Pick one segment that will tile well
  5. Create 12″x12″ 2d box, trim around the box and join them as one closed curve.
  6. Create t-splines plane(x1/y1/z1)
  7. Extrude edges and adjust verts to follow the form
  8. Delete middle verts
  9. Get out of t-splines and align edges to bounding box
  10. See how it tiles and re-adjust the form
  11. Use “t-splines thicken” command to thicken the pattern
  12. Delete end faces
  13. Repeat this process for second field pattern

3  3D tiling 02

  1. When you have 2 thickened pattern, move them to same position in plan, and 3″apart in front view
  2. Add 3 points of connection by extruding one face, deleting faces on connecting sides, and weld points.
  3. When its all done, get out of t-splines, and mirror the tile
  4. Get back to t-splines weld edge
  5. Repeat this process

Assignment 10.0

  • Design a lounge space, using “W10_Lounge_Template.3dm”
  • 3 zones
    • Bar area
    • Lounge area
    • VIP area
  • Use previously Designed
    • Chair
    • Table
    • Screen
    • Stairs
  • Design new
    • Counter
    • Barstool
    • Lounge chair
    • Lounge table
  • Design mezzanine space
  • Think about zoning (noise / privacy)
  • Use field images and draw wave diagram for circulation
  • Render at least 4 images and upload them on the site

Interior Architecture Now

Interior Architecture Now [Paperback]

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