Week 09

Art Center College of Design Digital Process 01

Week 9 11/11 T-Splines 02
1  Review of Week 10 Assignment

2 Slides “Smooth interior modeling”

3 Stair Exercise
  1. Download file
  2. Create T-Splines box of x=1, y=1, z=1
  3. Insert 3 Edges
  4. Scale to appropriate riser(6″) , thread(12″), and width(36″) size

3  Table Exercise

Standard table dimension

  1. Model Table dimension as in the image in regular Rhino
  2. Copy 2 chairs from last week
  3. Draw wave diagram in plan and section.
  4. Model the table in T-Splines

4 Lecture Field Condition


5 Lab Session 

  1. Fixing 3D printing file

Assignment 10.1 

Finish 1 table, and 2 chairs rendering, and post images on the site

Assignment 10.2


Collect 10 field images.

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