Week 08

Art Center College of Design

Digital Process 01

Week 8 11/4 T-Splines01

Lo Res / United Nude
1  Review of Week 07 Assignment
2  T-Splines Tutorial
  1. Right-click in icon menu area, and open “T-Splines Menu”.
  2. Create a Box
  3. Manipulator
    1. Turn on and off Manipulator to activate T-Splines
    2. Translate Manipulator XYZ / Planer / Free / Double Click
    3. Rotate Manipulator XYZ / Planer / Free / Double Click
    4. Translate Manipulator XYZ / Planer / Free / Double Click
  4. Object Mode
    1. Verts
    2. Edge
    3. Face
    4. Object
  5. 7 Some Useful Commands
    1. Extrude
    2. Insert Points
    3. Insert Edge
    4. Weld Points
    5. Append Face
3 Demo Doughnut shape
  1. Create a Box (x=1, y=1, z=1)
  2. change object mode to “Face”
  3. “Extrude Face”, then move face to create circle shape.
  4. Continue 2-3 multiple times until it becomes circle.
  5. When you have 2 adjacent faces ready, delete face in both ends.
  6. Run “Merge Points”, select first object, and then select destination object.
  7. Repeat the last process 3 more times, until all 4 corners are attached.
  8. Press Tab to change smooth mode.


4  T-Splines Tutorial Chair.

  1. Create a new file in Rhino.  Set Scale to “Inch Small Object”.
  2. Run “Background Bitmap” <Place>, and place your own image in the background to the appropriate views.
  3. Create T-Splines Box (x=3, y=3, z=3)
  4. pull 4 legs, using Extrude command
  5. extrude back area
  6. adjust form to background both in front and rear view.

5 T-Splines Tutorial 05 Archiform

Assignment 7
Create a chair Based on your diagram

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