Week 06

Week 06 10/21 Digital Representation


Download Week 6 Course Material Here.

1 Review of Week05 Assignment

2 Landscape

  1. Open your House model.
  2. Create 2 curves on either side of the house.  Make Sure the Curve is closed.
  3. Loft the 2 curves make sure it’s capped.
  4. Create 3D box little bigger than the house.
  5. Boolean Difference the box from landscape.
  6. Create “Grass” and “Soil” Layer
  7. Explode the landscape assembly.
  8. Select top surface and move to “Grass” layer.
  9. Select the rest of lanscape, join, and move to”Soil” layer.

3 Texture Mapping

  1. Download 2 Materials from here
  2. Load 2 Materials to V-Ray Materials
  3. Apply “Concrete Ground” to Soil Layer
  4. Apply “arch green grass” to Grass Layer
  5. Test Render Scene
  6. type “Property”.  Under pulldown menu find “Texture mapping”, show advanced UI, add
  7. Change “Surface” to “Box”
  8. Change Size XYZ to 50, 50, 50.  Make sure all number are the same.
  9. Test Render and change XYZ number again.

3 Scale Figure

  1. Take 3 picture of your classmates (3 different people, natural pose)
  2. Import 3 pictures to Illustrator
  3. Use Pen tool to trace / make sure line is closed.
  4. Save as Illustrator 3.
  5. In Rhino, import Illustrator file
  6. Scale the height of the person 5′-8″ typical male
  7. Run “PlanarSrf” Command
  8. Rotate to view vertical on Front View
  9. Decide 4 Render Views
  10. Run “NamedViews” Command, create a new view
  11. In your Render View, orient the person towards Render view

4  Photoshop Compositing

  1. Open rendered PNG file
  2. Change brightness and contrast
  3. Change color with Hue and Saturation
  4. Add sky in the background
  5. Save as PNG

5  Lab session

Assignment 6

Layout, Print, and mount 36×24” Board on white formcore board

Required materials on the board.

  1. 4Render Views
  2. Orb Model Photos
  3. 2D drawings
    1. 1st floor plan
    2. 2nd floor plan
    3. section
  4. Sketch or diagram (optional)

Assignment 6.1
Also, save the layout as JPEG, and post it on the website.

Please note: We will have a Review session on Week 07 at the beginning of the class.  The presentation is absolutely MANDATORY in order to pass the class.

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