Rosa Lee DP01

Maya Animation
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Train Final Renderings

Translucent Facade


Dining Alcoves

Mezzanine looking onto first floor
Mezzanine Hallway

First Floor Mezzanine View


First Floor


First Floor



Chair and Table Renderings

Field Images


Wave Diagram

Front View Wave Diagram

Chair Side View Wave Diagram

Presentation Board

Rendered House

Floor Plan

Backyard View

Top View


Front door

Aerial View

Three Houses

Open House

Open Floor Plan

Open Top View

Open Top View 2

Open Living Room View

Semi Open

Semi Open Floor Plan

Semi Open Courtyard

Semi Open Courtyard 2

Semi Open Top View


Secure Floor Plan

Secure Top View 2

Secure Top View

Secure Living Room View


Original Design

Original ACCD, Extruded

Original ACCD Floorplan

Original ACCD Extruded Floorplan

Original ACCD Perspective With Topography

New Design

New Design Floorplan

Perspective 1

Perspective 2



Spiral Tower Model

Perspective: Side

Front Elevation

Eye Level View

Close Up

Hi. My name is Rosa.

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