Melanie Hung DP01

Week 14 Assignment: Maya Animation

Week 14 in class Charette:

Week 14 Assignment: Final Rendering of Train (Cheveux)

Week 12 Assignment:  Rendering process

*note that colors are not final!

Week 10 Assignment: Lounge with Screen

Week 9 Homework: 12 images and chair table renderings

Week 8 Homework: Chair

Week 7 Homework: Chair Trace

Midterm Poster:


Render Full View:

Week 4 Homework Assignment: Merge 3 Houses

Week 3 Homework Assignment: Boolean Houses

Below: Opened Top View


Opened Perspective 1


Opened Perspective 2


Opened Perspective 3


Semi Top View


Semi Perspective 1


Semi Perspective 2

Semi Perspective 3


Secured Top View

Secured Perspective 1

Secured Perspective 2


Secured Perspective 3

Week 2 Homework Assignment: Reorganize ACCD Volume Model




Week 1 Homework Assignment: Tower with 3 types of blocks




close up front

close up back

Hi my name is Melanie. Please call me Melanie.


1 Response to Melanie Hung DP01

  1. Michelle Chak says:

    yo, gurrl.

    i, lyk, rly lyk all ur stuffz. ezpecially lyk da last one wit da watermielon.


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