DP01 SP2015 Week12

Review of W11 Assignments

Assignment 11.0

  • Build ENV 1 final model in Rhino
  • Draft render views and upload images on the site

Assignment 11.1

Build a second iteration of Zaha Hadid’s Cologne house project.

Interior Lighting

download sample file from here

Point light and Rectangular light

Modeling an organic wall

  • Pick 3 rocks which have different surface property
  • Using T-Splines, translate the rocks into 3D surface
  • Combine 3 rocks using bridge command.

Paneling Tools

  • Loading plugin
    • Open a new Rhino model (Small object inch)
    • type “PluginManager”
    • Load “Paneling Tools”
  • Video

  • 2D Paneling Exercise on simple surface
  • 3D Paneling Exercise on simple surface

2. Lab Session


Assignment 12.0

  • Build your ENV1 midterm model with great detail.  Add furniture and lighting fixtures.
  • Apply appropriate V-Ray materials
  • Render 5 views with scale figure

Assignment 12.1

Build your ENV1 Final model

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