DP01 SP2015 Week10

Review of W10 Assignments

Assignment 10

    • Make the orb model
    • Photograph images of the orb model and upload them to the site.

Linna Chair

LinnaChair linna_frontlinna-armchair

Fluid Space Exercise

  1. Draw a 3D box (X=20′, Y=40′, Z=20′)
  2. Create a cutout volume with loft
  3. BooleanDifference internal volume
  4. Contour tool to draw sections at 12″ apart
  5. Extrude the contour lines at 12″ with solid option on
  6. Adjust T-Splines to add stairs

Assignment 11.0

  • Build ENV 1 final model in Rhino
  • Draft render views and upload images on the site

Assignment 11.1

  • Design a chair with great depth of detail.
  • The chair needs to match your design concept for the final project.

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