DP01 SP2014 Week13

Please upload all of the assignments on your page of the website by MIDNIGHT of April 19th.  No late submission will be accepted.  Make sure each assignment is titled corresponding to below listed assignment titles.  Grading will be based strictly on the works on the website.  Completion of 80% of the assignment is required for passing the class.  For all works, please save as .jpg format and upload.  PDF format will not be reviewed.

WK1 hw
1. box array tower
2. extrude, revolve, loft, sweep1, 3 models for each method (12 objects total), upload snapshots

WK2 hw
1. lamp using rotate,scale2d,array etc
2. model 1 everyday object

wk3 hw
1. building with boolean
wrap with 20 gahry style surfaces upload 5 snapshots of model

2. 5 picture of disney concert hall

wk4 hw
1.design your own bridge, upload 4 +renderings
2. render 4 views of gahry building

wk5 hw
1. 50 objects with right scale, render all together

wk6 hw
16’x16’x16′ cottage
4+ renderings, floor plan, section, diagram

(upload your presentation board on the site)

wk9 hw
1. T-spline furniture, PS yourself in it for extra credit
2. online tutorial

wk10 hw
1. Design a chair upload sketches, upload 4renders with you photoshopped in.
2. 10 second animation of the chair upload to youtube
3. Egg crate model

wk11 hw
1. 20 sec animation of Boolean house including  target path, path target, path path, upload to youtube

wk12 hw
1. test animation of train using fly through method, upload draft render to youtube

download file

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