DP01 SP2014 Week12

1 Review of Week 11 assignments


Assignment 12.0

  • Fluid section space animation.

Assignment 12.1

  • Build ENV 1 final model in Rhino
  • The model will be reviewed and modified over 2 weeks
  • Draft render views and upload images on the site

2. Lab Session

3. Interior Lighting

Final Requirements

  • 4 Interior Renderings
  • 4 Exterior Renderings
  • 1 30-second animation with different scenes.
  • 2 Floor Plans @ 1/4″=1′
  • 1 Section @ 1/4″=1′

For next week:

Print 2 floor plans and 1 section for review.  2D drawings need to be approved before presenting in Week 14.

Draft animation.  Export animation as “Shaded View”, compile them in After Effects, and upload to your page.

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