DP01 SP2014 Week10

Review of W9 Assignments

Assignment 9.0

T-Splines Tutorial 05 Archiform

Assignment 9.1

Design a chair using T-Splines

  • Take a photo of you in a comfortable seating position
  • Draw a diagram on top of the photo
  • Based on the diagram, design a chair
  • Render the chair and post it on the website
  • [Extra Credit] photoshop your photo into the rendering

Assignment 9.2

  • Make the orb model and bring it to class in 2 weeks
  • Photograph images of the orb model and upload them to the site.

Skin+Compound Form

1 Modeling Twisted Tower

  • Using T-Spline, model 2 twisted tower forms

2  Paneling Tools

  • Loading plugin
    • Download Paneling Tools from this link
    • Open a new Rhino model (Large Object Feet)
  • Video
  • 2D Paneling Exercise on simple surface
  • 3D Paneling Exercise on simple surface

3 Work on your own Form + Openings

In Polysurface, you have to do the “fin” command separately for each surface

4 Animation

  1. Camera Animation
    1. Draw multiple cubes
    2. Create destination  point
    3. Create camera path
    4. Run “Path Animation” command
    5. Set up as 150 frames
    6. Preview Animation
  2. Assemble Animation
    1. Go to Mac Lab, and assemble animation in Quicktime Pro

    After Effects Setting

    1. File > Import > File
    2. Format JPEG / Import as Footage / JPEG Sequence
    3. Right Click imported footage > New composition from footage
    4. File > Export / Export: Movie to Mpeg-4
    5. Test Play
    6. Composition > Add to render que
    7. Render Setting = Best Setting
    8. Output module setting = H.264
    9. Render
    10. Upload animation to Youtube, and embed link to your page.

Assignment 10.0

  • Design a new chair using techniques you learned in the class
  • Upload your inspiration images and sketches
  • Render 4 views of the chair with you (and your lover) composited in photoshop

Assignment 10.1

  • Render a 10-second animation for the chair.

Assignment 10.2

  • Do a T-Spline Webinar: Create an organic model from a 2D sketch – Intro (40:00)
  • Render and upload  4+ images to the website.

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