DP01 FA2014 Week09

Plan drawing workflow

MAXXI Museum  By Zaha Hadid Architects-Photographs Iwan Baan-20

Download 2d drawing template here

Download Demo File

  1. Set up a clipping plane 4′(or anywhere appropriate) above the floor line
  2. Make sure the clipping plane is set for the top view
  3. Import 2d drawing template
  4. Run “make2d” command – set “visible clipping plane” to 0.5mm, set “visible lines” to 0.13mm
  5. Change lineweights for the rest of lines
  6. For cut line, use “hatch command” to shade inside
  7. Print as pdf at scale.
  8. In Illustrator, you can select lines by >Select>same>stroke weight to adjust things.

Water Bottle Tutorial


Lo Res / United Nude

1  T-Splines Tutorial

  1. Right-click in icon menu area, and open “T-Splines Menu”.
  2. Create a Box
  3. Manipulator
    1. Turn on and off Manipulator to activate T-Splines
    2. Translate Manipulator XYZ / Planer / Free / Double Click
    3. Rotate Manipulator XYZ / Planer / Free / Double Click
    4. Translate Manipulator XYZ / Planer / Free / Double Click
  4. Object Mode
    1. Verts
    2. Edge
    3. Face
    4. Object
  5. 7 Some Useful Commands
    1. Extrude

5 Demo Doughnut shape

  1. Create a Box (x=1, y=1, z=1)
  2. change object mode to “Face”
  3. “Extrude Face”, then move face to create circle shape.
  4. Continue 2-3 multiple times until it becomes circle.
  5. When you have 2 adjacent faces ready, delete face in both ends.
  6. Run “Merge Points”, select first object, and then select destination object.
  7. Repeat the last process 3 more times, until all 4 corners are attached.
  8. Press Tab to change smooth mode.

Assignment 9.0

T-Splines Tutorial 05 Archiform

Assignment 9.1

Design a chair using T-Splines

  • Take a photo of you in a comfortable seating position
  • Draw a diagram on top of the photo
  • Based on the diagram, design a chair
  • Render the chair and post it on the website
  • Photoshop your photo into the rendering

Assignment 9.2

    • Draw 1 Plan and 2 Section drawings for your midterm model.
    • Print them out on 11×17″ sheet of paper black and white @ 1/4″ = 1′


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