Annie Wang DP01


Final:Bobbin Bicycle Retail Shop Render And Short Movie

Short Movie

Section and Plan

bobbin retail plan and section1

Exterior Shop

render17 render14 RENDER6 RENDER3Interior Shop

RENDER10 render15 render5 render4interior

inteior4 interior 2 interior interior3


bh2model 11253344RENDER1RENDER2RENDER3render1111133333322222222222T-T-T-Pline Chair Design


Chair Movie

practice chair 3 practice chair1 practice chair2FIGURE\




building render

50 objects

IMG_9224 IMG_9225 IMG_9227

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12bridge render

111asdfbridge 1bridge33rendering for Frank Gehry inspired model

hahahlalal1234assignment 3.1

IMG_8882 IMG_8883 IMG_8890 IMG_8891 IMG_8893 IMG_8894



objct2    object

pendent llight1pendent light view

pendent llight2pendent light view


close view closer viewfront viewfront view

perspective viewperspective view

top viewtop view

loft  objects loft objects

revolve objects revolve objects

extrude object 2 extrude objects

sweep object sweep objects


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