DP01 SP2013 Week09

Lo Res / United Nude

1  T-Splines Tutorial

  1. Right-click in icon menu area, and open “T-Splines Menu”.
  2. Create a Box
  3. Manipulator
    1. Turn on and off Manipulator to activate T-Splines
    2. Translate Manipulator XYZ / Planer / Free / Double Click
    3. Rotate Manipulator XYZ / Planer / Free / Double Click
    4. Translate Manipulator XYZ / Planer / Free / Double Click
  4. Object Mode
    1. Verts
    2. Edge
    3. Face
    4. Object
  5. 7 Some Useful Commands
    1. Extrude

2 Let’s create your orb

Using tools you have learned so far in the class, create an orb shape you have built from Materials and Making class.

3 Eggcrate model


  1. Create following Layers
    1. Form
    2. X
    3. Y
    4. Final Cut
    5. Intersection
  2. Scale your model to make your longest edge 12″
  3. On X layer, draw a line in X direction that cut across the model.  Offset the line by 1″ until the grid covers all.  Do the same for Y direction as well.
  4. Make “X” layer active.  Project X grid to the form.  Run “PlanarSrf” command to convert the crv into Surface (fins).  Hide all the construction crvs by running “SelCrv” and “Hide” commands.
  5. Make “Y” layer active.  Project Y grid to the form.Run “PlanarSrf” command to convert the crv into Surface (fins).  Hide all the construction crvs by running “SelCrv” and “Hide” commands.
  6. On “Form” layer, draw a middle line.
  7. Make “X” layer active.  Create 1/16″x20″x20″ box (Notch object).  Grab middle point of the box, and copy to every intersection.  Do the same for “Y”.
  8. Only show “X” Layer.  Run “Split ” command.
    1. Object to split = fins
    2. Cutting object = notches
  9. Delete notch, and gutter.  Repeat 8-9 for “Y” layer.

4 Creating Egg-Crate Model 3 (Laser File)

  1. Select a section and run “make 2D” command / current view.
  2. Label each with easily identifiable code.
  3. Create a Bounding box of 32×18″.
  4. Layout your sections inside of bounding box.
  5. Export to Illustrator with 1:1 scale.

5 Demo Doughnut shape

  1. Create a Box (x=1, y=1, z=1)
  2. change object mode to “Face”
  3. “Extrude Face”, then move face to create circle shape.
  4. Continue 2-3 multiple times until it becomes circle.
  5. When you have 2 adjacent faces ready, delete face in both ends.
  6. Run “Merge Points”, select first object, and then select destination object.
  7. Repeat the last process 3 more times, until all 4 corners are attached.
  8. Press Tab to change smooth mode.

Assignment 9.0

T-Splines Tutorial 05 Archiform

Assignment 9.1

Design a chair using T-Splines

  • Take a photo of you in a comfortable seating position
  • Draw a diagram on top of the photo
  • Based on the diagram, design a chair
  • Render the chair and post it on the website
  • [Extra Credit] photoshop your photo into the rendering

Assignment 9.2

  • Make the orb model and bring it to class in 2 weeks
  • Photograph images of the orb model and upload them to the site.

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