DP01 SP2013 Week04

Download W04 materials here

1.  Review of Week03 Assignment

2. UN Studio Video

3.  UN Studio Erasmus Bridge Exercise


Open sample model “Week04_UN_Studio_Erasmus.3dm”

01.  Draw land 30x200x3
02.  Copy the land at 100 units apart.
03.  Create Water 100x200x2
04.  Create Road 160x12x1

05.  Draw bridge body profile in front view with polyline tool “project = off”
06.  Move the 2D curve to the edge road + 2.
07.  Extrude the curve to the other edge of the road +2
08.  Crate center cut curve.  Make sure it’s symmetric, using grid snap in Right view.
09.  Boolean difference the center cut volume with the bridge body.

09.  Create side cut curve in right view, and extrude it, mirror the volume to the other side of birdge body.
10.  Boolean difference side cut volume from the bridge body.
11.  in the top portion of the birdge, draw a line about 10 units long.
12.  Project the line in the right view to bridge body.  One side is fine.  We will mirror the finish cable to the other side.
13.  Divide the line into 10.
14.  Draw a line on the road about 80 unit long.
15   Divide the line on the road in to 10 segments.
16.  Turn Project off, and draw lines between corresponding points.
17.  “Pipe” each line with radius of 0.1

4.  UN Studio Agora Theater Exercise


Open sample model “Week04_UN_Studio_Agora.3dm”

6.  Contemporary Bridges


Assignment 4.0

  • Create your version of Bridge.
  • Use the same land / road setting as Erasmus Bridge exercise
  • Use boolean, lofting, and other techniques that you learned in the class
  • Render 4+ views and upload them to the site
  • Get inspired by the slides

Assignment 4.1

Render Frank Gehry Exercise and upload 4 views to the website


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