Changhsuan Pai DP01


wk13 animation

exhibition space, still image.85 exhibition space, still image.87 exhibition space, still image.102 exhibition space, still image.103 exhibition space, still image.104 exhibition space, still image.93 exhibition space, still image.94 exhibition space, still image.95 exhibition space, still image.96 exhibition space, still image.97wk12

wk 11

wk 10 paneling tools exercises

rendering sence.38 rendering sence.40 rendering sence.41 rendering sence.42rendering sence.37

wk 9 archiform

untitled.21 untitled.22 untitled.23 untitled.24

luigi colani – design hero



untitled.29 untitled.30 untitled.32 untitled.33

midterm poster w/ silhouettes and spider chart


week 4 bridge

bridge 00 bridge 05 bridge 03 bridge 02 bridge 01


organic 04 organic 03 organic 02 organic 01

week 4 bridge exercise 

pai bridge 01 pai bridge 02 pai bridge 03 pai bridge 04

week 3 assignment

IMG_7053 IMG_7061 IMG_7047 IMG_7090IMG_7072

pai's building 1 pai's building 2 pai's building 3 pai's building 4 pai's building 6 pai's building 5

week 2 assignment
daily object

fire hydrant 03 fire hydrant 04 fire hydrant


arch 01 arch 03 arch 02

week 1 assignment

digital clock 01 digital clock 02 digital clock 03 pai's tower 01 pai's tower 02 pai's tower 03 tape dispenser 01 tape dispenser 02 tape dispenser 03

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