Assignment 1.1

Revisit in-class tutorial model, and try all the command.

Assignment 1.2

Create 3 objects each using following command and upload the image

  • Extrude
  • Revolve
  • Loft
  • Sweep1

Assignment 2.0  Pendant Light

  1. Create a boundary @ 24″‘x24″x24″
  2. Create a pendant light, using shifting technique
  3. Think about numeric shifting as continuous formal shifting

Assignment 2.1 Model everyday object

  1. Using tools you have learned in the class, 3D model an object around you.
  2. Watch, headphones, cell phone, medicine bottle, shoes, and etc.

Assignment 3.0

Assignment 3.1

  • Create 5 volumes using 3D box tool.
  • Arrange them in a dynamic way.
  • Use Boolean command to create interior space
  • Wrap the blocks with at least 20 Gehry style skin.

Assignment 4.0

  • Create your version of Bridge.
  • Use the same land / road setting as Erasmus Bridge exercise
  • Use boolean, lofting, and other techniques that you learned in the class
  • Render 4+ views and upload them to the site
  • Get inspired by the slides

Assignment 4.1

Render Frank Gehry Exercise and upload 4 views to the website

Assignment 5

What is scale?

  • Go around and find dimension of things that surround you.
  • Create all the object in Rhino in a simple way.
  • At least find dimension of 50 objects around you.
  • Bring Rhino model to the class.

Assignment 5.1

  • Render 4×4 House and post 4+ views to the website
  • Print 4×4 House Plan and section, and bring to the class.

Assignment 9.0

T-Splines Tutorial 05 Archiform

Assignment 9.1

Design a chair using T-Splines

  • Take a photo of you in a comfortable seating position
  • Draw a diagram on top of the photo
  • Based on the diagram, design a chair
  • Render the chair and post it on the website
  • [Extra Credit] photoshop your photo into the rendering

Assignment 9.2

  • Make the orb model and bring it to class in 2 weeks
  • Photograph images of the orb model and upload them to the site.

Assignment 10.0

  • Finish form + opening model for 2 towers
  • Render at least 2 views with material and upload to the site.
  • Create 10 second animation of the rocks to Youtube, and embed link to your page

Assignment 10.1

  • Create a small tower with T-Splines approximately @ 20′x20′x50′.
  • Create a creative skin system for the tower.
  • Render 4+ images and upload them to the website
  • Create 15 second animation of the tower to Youtube, and embed link to your page

Assignment 10.2

  • Do a T-Spline Webinar: Create an organic model from a 2D sketch – Intro (40:00)
  • Render and upload  4+ images to the website.

Assignment 11.0

  • Build faceted pavilion using Pepakura and laser cutter
  • Render a few views of faceted pavilion
  • Render 30-second animation of interior + exterior views sweep for faceted pavilion

Assignment 11.1

  • Build ENV 1 final model in Rhino
  • Draft render views and upload images on the site

Final Requirements

  • 6 Exterior Renderings
  • 1 30-second animation
  • 1 Floor Plans @ 1/4″=1′
  • 1 Section @ 1/4″=1′

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