DP01 FA2013 Week11

Review of W10 Assignments

Assignment 10.0

  • Finish form + opening model for 2 towers
  • Render at least 2 views with material and upload to the site.
  • Create 10 second animation of the rocks to Youtube, and embed link to your page

Assignment 10.1

  • Create a small tower with T-Splines approximately @ 20′x20′x50′.
  • Create a creative skin system for the tower.
  • Render 4+ images and upload them to the website
  • Create 15 second animation of the tower to Youtube, and embed link to your page

Assignment 10.2

  • Do a T-Spline Webinar: Create an organic model from a 2D sketch – Intro (40:00)
  • Render and upload  4+ images to the website.

Canopy and Stool Design



  1. Create a 10’x20x’10’ bounding box
  2. Create a surface on top view @ 10’x20′
  3. Rebuild Surface @ U=20 / V=10 / 3 degree surface
  4. Press F10 to activate control points
  5. Use Gumball to modify form
  6. OffsetSrf to add thickness @4″
  7. On top view, draw a horizontal straight line
  8. Use Array command: X=1 / Y=1 / Z=60 / Z distance = 4″
  9. Project Arrayed curves to the polysurface
  10. Extrude Projected curves @4″ Solid


  1. Draw a 18″x18″x2″ box
  2. Use Array command: X=1 / Y=1 / Z=9 / Z distance = 2″
  3. On top view, draw a diagonal line across the box
  4. Add a point at the mid point of the line
  5. Using the point as a center point, Scale2D each box at some ratio
  6. Use Rotate tool and rotate each box at same ratio


A quick demo of modeling process for individual project.

Assignment 11.0

  • Build faceted pavilion using Pepakura and laser cutter
  • Render a few views of faceted pavilion
  • Render 30-second animation of interior + exterior views sweep for faceted pavilion

Assignment 11.1

  • Build ENV 1 final model in Rhino
  • Draft render views and upload images on the site

Final Requirements

  • 6 Exterior Renderings
  • 1 30-second animation
  • 1 Floor Plans @ 1/4″=1′
  • 1 Section @ 1/4″=1′

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