DP01 FA2013 Week06

1  Review of Week 05 Assignment

1  Inspirations

2 Scale Figure

  1. Take 3 picture of your classmates (3 different people, natural pose)
  2. Import 3 pictures to Illustrator
  3. Use Pen tool to trace / make sure line is closed.
  4. Save as Illustrator 3.
  5. In Rhino, import Illustrator file
  6. Scale the height of the person 5′-8″ typical male
  7. Run “PlanarSrf” Command
  8. Rotate to view vertical on Front View
  9. Decide 4 Render Views
  10. Run “NamedViews” Command, create a new view
  11. In your Render View, orient the person towards Render view

3 Drawing Section for 4×4 House

  1. Select 3d Model of 4×4 House > “Export Selected” > Save as 4×4 house 2D
  2. Import 2D_Dwg_Template and learn layer organization
  3. Copy the house 4x to 4 layers “Original” / “Plan01” / “Plan02” / “Section”.
  4. With “Plan 01” active, draw a horizontal line 4′ above first floor level in front view.
  5. Project the horizontal line on the model and change layer to “0.5” – get cut line.
  6. Select the model and “Make 2D”
  7. Move Cut line on top of 2D drawing.
  8. Delete Unnecessary lines
  9. Repeat 5-8 for 2nd set of plan @ 4′ above 4th floor line.
  10. Repeat 5-8 for Section Cut
  11. Draw a box of 2304″ x 800″
  12. Layout 3 Drawings inside the box
  13. Setup Print Dialogue as following
  14. Print PDF

4  Photoshop CompositingOpen rendered PNG file

  1. Change brightness and contrast
  2. Change color with Hue and Saturation
  3. Add sky in the background
  4. Save as PNG

5 Diagramming Exercise

  • On a large sheet of paper, create a diagram on how your life is organized.
  • List all of your activities for each category (live / work / play).  i.e. eating, driving, watching movie and etc.
  • For each activity, think about required quality of space.
  • Think about relationship between each activity space.  Start a bubble diagram.

Midterm Personal Space (Week 08)

download base file here

The environment you are creating is about you.  Through design of the space, you have to tell a story of who you are.  Using 50 objects that you created for Week 6, create an ideal space based on your personal lifestyle.  This is NOT about re-creating your existing room.  This is an interior project.  The size of interior space is 24’x30’x16′.

Required materials on the board

  1. 4+ interior render views with scale figure (You don’t have to render for Week 07.  Please bring Rhino Model for desk-crit
  2. 2D drawings
    1. floor plan
    2. section
  3. Sketch or diagram

Midterm Deliverable

Print presentation board @ 24″x36″ portrait (Board layout will be covered in Week 07)

Please note: We will have a Review session on Week 08 at the beginning of the class.  The presentation is absolutely MANDATORY in order to pass the class.

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