Frank Tran DP01


Final Renderings for Animation delivered during Environmental 1 Final





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Frank Tran

Digital Process 1

Yo Oshima

Why I chose the movie, Up to define space and environment:

The scene is first shrouded with a fog of hopelessness after a long journey and the characters feel extreme despair. As the cold and thick cloudy fog rolls away, it reveals to them a beautiful view of the world around them and allows Russell and Carl to realize how close they are to their destination, striking their hearts full of vitality and giving them the motivation to press forward.

As our heroes look around, we are revealed an environment full of lush green plants grown to extraordinary heights that creates an artificial layer that looks like grass with a beautiful and irreplaceable view that reminds us of the strength that nostalgia has over a person.

This scene provides the “ah-hah” moment and fantastic layout that designers look for in revealing a space to people. First, it takes them to a particular place with a certain type of environment, then it reveals the “ah-hah” moment. Then, the environment suggests to the viewer that there is still a little bit of a journey to take before they are able to receive their reward.



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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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