DP01 SP2012 Week11

1 Review of Week 10 assignments

Assignment 10.0

  • Finish form + opening model for 3 of rocks.
  • Render at least 2 views with material and upload to the site.

Assignment 10.1

  • Upload in-class animation to Youtube, and embed link to your page

Assignment 10.2

  • Create 10 second animation of one of the rocks, upload the video to Youtube, and embed link to your page

2 Animation with path and path

  • Create a room with 400 sq ft of floor
  • Create a loft space with 200 sq ft
  • Create Stairs
    • Stair plate = 36″x11″x2″
    • Riser = 7″
  • Create building envelope and add windows by boolean difference command
  • Create motion path for camera.
  • Copy the path for camera, and shorten either end for each path.
  • Create 10-second animation

3 Fluid Ceiling Exercise

  1. Draw Plane with T-Splines (X=4, Y=4)
  2. Adjust the Edges to the edge of Lounge Box
  3. Add wavy form to it.
  4. Draw Regular Rhino Plane
  5. Loft all 4 Edges
  6. Join all surface
  7. Draw line 6″ offset to cover the whole area
  8. Project the curve to the polysrf
  9. Extrude section lines at 6″

Assignment 11.0

  • Build ENV 1 final model in Rhino
  • The model will be reviewed and modified over 3 weeks
  • Draft render views and upload images on the site

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