DP01 FA2012 Week07

Yo is out this week.  Emil has kindly agreed to fill me in.

Please bring following to Week 07 class:

  • Rhino model of your personal space project
  • Floor Plan (print on 11×17″ sheet – 1/4″=1′ scale)
  • Section (print on 11×17″ sheet – 1/4″=1′ scale)
  • Diagram

1 Desk-Crit with Emil (2-4pm)

  • Please come up with a signup sheet.
  • Rendering and camera setting
  • Plan and Section lineweight review

2 Board Layout (4-6pm)

  • Ploy will cover a board layout for 24×36″ board layout

3 Desk-Crit with Ploy

If you need additional help on your midterm, Ploy will give you individual crit.

Required materials on the board

A 24″x36″ board mounted on formcore vertical orientation

  1. 4+ interior render views with scale figure
  2. 2D drawings
    1. floor plan
    2. section
  3. Sketch or diagram

Please note: We will have a Review session on Week 08 at the beginning of the class.  The presentation is absolutely MANDATORY in order to pass the class.

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