Week 12

Week 12 12/1 ENV 01 Final Model

1 Review of Week 10 Assignment

2 Fluid Ceiling Exercise

  1. Draw Plane with T-Splines (X=4, Y=4)
  2. Adjust the Edges to the edge of 40’x40’x14′ box
  3. Add wavy form to it.
  4. Draw Regular Rhino Plane
  5. Loft all 4 Edges
  6. Join all surface
  7. Draw line 6″ offset to cover the whole area
  8. Project the curve to the polysrf
  9. Extrude section lines at 6″

3 Lab Session for individual project

Assignment 12.0

Go over all the requirement for the class materials, and upload missing assignments on the site.

Assignment 12.1

Push your ENV 1 final model as much as you can.

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