Week 07

10/27 Digital Representation

1 Drawing 4×4 House by Tadao Ando

If you don’t have the model, download from here.

  1. Select 3d Model of 4×4 House > “Export Selected” > Save as 4×4 house 2D
  2. Import 2D_Dwg_Template and learn layer organization
  3. Copy the house 4x to 4 layers “Original” / “Plan01” / “Plan02” / “Section”.
  4. With “Plan 01” active, draw a horizontal line 4′ above first floor level in front view.
  5. Project the horizontal line on the model and change layer to “0.5” – get cut line.
  6. Select the model and “Make 2D”
  7. Move Cut line on top of 2D drawing.
  8. Delete Unnecessary lines
  9. Repeat 5-8 for 2nd set of plan @ 4′ above 4th floor line.
  10. Repeat 5-8 for Section Cut
  11. Setup Print Dialogue as following
  12. Print PDF
Presentation Board SlideDiagram SlideDownload sample board W07_Board01

1 Plans

Make a duplicate copy of your house

  1. Lineweights, scale
  2. Duplicating and cutting the model for:
  • site plan
  • 1st floor plan
  • 2nd floor plan
  • section
  1. Make 2D
  2. Add Details: window frames, etc.
  3. Export to Illustrator at 1/8”=1’-0” (96” = 1”)
  4. In Illustrator add solid tone to cutline
  5. Rough layout in Illustrator
  6. Add notations and text

2 Board Layout

Create a new Illustrator file / Size 24inch x 36inch portrait

Required materials on the board

W07_Board01 (You can use this PDF as a template, but try to change the color.)

  1. 2+ exterior render views
  2. 2+ interior render views
  3. 2D drawings
    1. 1st floor plan
    2. 2nd floor plan
    3. section
  4. Sketch or diagram (optional)

Assignment 7.0

Print presentation board @ 24″x36″ portrait

Assignment 7.1
Also, save the layout as JPEG, and post it on the website.

Please note: We will have a Review session on Week 08 at the beginning of the class.  The presentation is absolutely MANDATORY in order to pass the class.

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