Week 02

Week 02 9/22 Basic Orthogonal Modeling01

download Week 02 Course Material

1 Review of Week01 Assignment

2.  2D Commands

A. Polyline B. Control Point Curve C. Circle D. Ellipse E. Arc F. Rectangle G. Polygon H. Fillet I. Trim J. Extend K. EditPointsOn L. Osnap

3.  3D Commands

A. Project Osnap B. Join / Explode C. Surface / Poly Surface D. Split E. Group / UnGroup F. Align G. Dimensions H. Project I. Dup Edge / Boader J. Make 2D

4.  Boolean Exercise Open “W02_BooleanExercise”

5.  TRS shift Exercise Open “W02_FreeModelingV4” 


Assignment 2.0  Tower Update

  1. Modify your tower based on Transform / Rotation / Scale exercise.
  2. Think about numeric shifting

Assignment 2.1 Model everyday object

  1. Using tools you have learned in the class, 3D model an object around you.
  2. Watch, headphones, cell phone, medicine bottle, shoes, and etc.

Due Week 03 (5%)

  • Please upload images in your page.

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