Week 06

Week 06 2/24 Digital Representation


Diagram Slide

Additional Materials

Download sample board W06_Board01

1 Plans

Make a duplicate copy of your house

  1. Lineweights, scale
  2. Duplicating and cutting the model for:
  • site plan
  • 1st floor plan
  • 2nd floor plan
  • section
  1. Make 2D
  2. Add Details: window frames, etc.
  3. Export to Illustrator at 1/8”=1’-0” (96” = 1”)
  4. In Illustrator add solid tone to cutline
  5. Rough layout in Illustrator
  6. Add notations and text

2 Diagrams

  1. Make copy of your house
  2. Separate floors
  3. Set a view in perspective window
  4. Make 2D
  5. Export to Illustrator (Fit to screen)
  6. Add notations in Illustrator

3 Board Layout

Create a new Illustrator file / Size 24inch x 36inch portrait

Required materials on the board

  1. 2+ exterior render views
  2. 2+ interior render views
  3. 2D drawings
    1. 1st floor plan
    2. 2nd floor plan
    3. section
  4. Sketch or diagram

Assignment 6.1
Also, save the layout as JPEG, and post it on the website.

Please note: We will have a Review session on Week 07 at the beginning of the class.  The presentation is absolutely MANDATORY in order to pass the class.

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