Week 11

Art Center College of Design

Digital Process 01
Week 11 3/31 Lounge Design
1 Review of Week 10 Assignment
2 Lounge Design

  • Design a lounge space, using “W11_Lounge_Template.3dm” download here
  • 2 zones
    • Bar area
    • Lounge area

A. Fluid Ceiling Exercise

  1. Draw Plane with T-Splines (X=4, Y=4)
  2. Adjust the Edges to the edge of Lounge Box
  3. Add wavy form to it.
  4. Draw Regular Rhino Plane
  5. Loft all 4 Edges
  6. Join all surface
  7. Draw line 6″ offset to cover the whole area
  8. Project the curve to the polysrf
  9. Extrude section lines at 6″

B. Table Exercise

  1. Layout 2 or 4 chairs for optimal position
  2. Draw wave diagram by hand
  3. Sketch your design by hand
  4. Design the table in Rhino / T-Splines

C. Design new

  1. Screen (Vertical version of fluid ceiling)
  2. Counter
  3. Barstool
  • Think about zoning (noise / privacy)
  • Use field images and draw wave diagram for circulation
  • Render at least 4 images and upload them on the site

3 Lab Session for individual project

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