Week 08

Art Center College of Design

Digital Process 01

2011 SP_DP01_SlidesW08

Week 8 3/10 Skin+Compound Forms

Review of the field condition images

1 Creating patterns

  1. Open a new Rhino file “Small Object Inch” and create following layers:
    1. Pattern
    2. Box
    3. Envelope
    4. Envelope Edge
    5. Skin
  2. pick 1 image from your filed condition images
  3. Run “BackgroundBitmap” command and select “Place option”
  4. On “Pattern” Layer, start tracing the field pattern as a tilable pattern.
  5. Copy a chunk of srf, and adjust continuity

2 Create compound box

  1. In “Box” layer, Create 2 cubes of 10x10x10, and 15x15x10.
  2. move 2 cubes around and have them intersect each other
  3. Connect matching corner of cubes
  4. Loft connected lines.  One surface at a time.
  5. When the cube is closed, explode the original cube, grab outer envelope, and move them to “Envelope” layer

3 Apply pattern to surface

  1. Choose one surface from “envelope” layer and hide other surfaces
  2. Run “ArrayCrvOnSrf” command (Create a shortcut as “AC”)
  3. Select the pattern and set basepoint as center of the pattern
  4. Choose one edge on Surface and select Surface
  5. Activate “EnvelopeEdge” Layer
  6. Run “DupBoader” command / Hide “Envelope” Layer.
  7. Delete Extras
  8. Run “Trim” Command to get to get skin as closed srf
  9. Join all the curves, and make sure they are closed polylines.  Run “SelOpenCrv” command to check if any of lines are closed.
  10. Extrude and move to “Skin” Layer.
  11. Repeat this process for all of the faces.

Assignment 08.1 Seating Position

  1. Take side and front view photo of yourself in an ideal seating position.
  2. Trace outline of your body in Illustrator
  3. In a new layer, draw a wave diagram of seating position
    1. Use Pencil tool to draw curves
    2. Top Menu > Objects > Path > Simplify to simplify the path by 50 to 80 %
    3. Apply Brushes Window > Brushes


Assignment 08.2

  1. For those of you who are not in ENV 1, please bring a fruit.

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