Ellie Chan Diagram Studio 2013 SP

NARRATIVE_DIA-01 GodOfLove-01 Fall12_GoodZ_TimelineDia-01 Fall12_GoodZ_StructureDia-01 Fall12_GoodZ_NapTimeDia-01 Fall12_GoodZ_ConceptDia-01 DetailAxon_New-01 AxonDrawing-01 PlanPerspective-01 MovieDia-01Sp12_Retail_Axon_Draft Sp12_Retail_FloorPlan_Draft

Location Diagramming
1-traffic, potential buyers and loading zones in promenade shopping district
2-art&design related stores in promenade shopping district

SmallLocationDia_3rdStreet-4LAYERS SmallLocationDia_3rdStreet-ARTISTICLocation Diagramming
1-LA Regional Map and Occupied Housing Units
2-The Artificial level of LA’s Shopping Streets
3-Numbers of Shopping Malls in Each State in USA
4-Numbers of Shopping Streets in Each State in USA

LocationMapping_LAHousing-01ShoppingStreetProperties-01ShoppingMallsUSA_LocationMapping-01 ShoppingStreets_USA-01

Timeline Diagramming
1-The Brightness of During the Day vs Tiredness Level of Students

1-Cosmetic Icons

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 8.46.08 PM

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