Diagram Studio 2013 SP Week 12a

Student Presentation

HdeM / Prada Tokyo  Ina


 Review of 3 diagrams:

  • Axonometric drawing
  • Section Perspective
  • Parts Axo

Review of 30-second animation


Pinup discussion of 2d drawings

  • Setting up 2d drawing template in Rhino.h
  • Lineweights
  • Invisible lines
  • Hatching
  • Dimensions
  • What to show / what not to show

Assignment 16.0 (due 4/4 Thursday – ongoing)

  • Revise your drawings based on feedback

A new project for final review (Monday 4/15)

A whole new set of diagrams based on what you learned in this class.

  • Info-Graphics Diagrams
    • Time
    • Location
    • Site
    • Concept
  • Spatial Communication Diagrams
    • Exploded Axonometric
    • Section Perspective
    • Exploded Detail


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