Diagram Studio 2013 SP Week 09b

Review of Assignment 12.1

  • Exploded axonometric drawing
  • Concept communication
  • Lineweights
  • Clarity

Lecture Section Perspective



Assignment 13.0

  • 1 Section Perspective / 1 Plan Perspective
  • Using Clipping Plane command on Rhino, draw 1 section perspective or 1 plan perspective.
  • Modify your 3d model depending on what / how you want to show the space
  • Hatch cutline, also hatch ground cut line if you are doing section perspective
  • Render using Rhino render.  Final material is not crucial.  It is about communicating your spatial idea.
  • Due Thursday 3/21


Next Monday

The Monday class will be a mandatory celebration of Laura and Ina’s birthday.  Location will be discussed in class.

Next Student Presentation

3/21       OMA / Dee and Charles Wyly Theater  Ami

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