Diagram Studio 2013 SP Week 08a

Student Presentations

  • OMA / Netherlands Embassy  Lis
  • OMA / Prada New York  Scott

Review of Movie Diagram and midterm

Conceptual cartoon

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 4.56.56 PM

How to tell a simple story through technique of simple cartoon?  In 2 to 4 frames, visually tell the story about your project (concept statement) in a straightforward way.


 Assignment 11.0

Create simple 2 to 4 frame cartoon for your previous projects.  Do at least 2 projects.  (You are welcome to do more than 2).  Post the frames on the website.  We will have you present each project at the beginning of Thursday class.

Please bring your process books for all past projects.  We will discuss spatial representation techniques of your past projects.

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