Diagram Studio 2013 SP Week 04b

20121007171415213 copyConcept Diagrams

Extracting information from your research diagrams.

    • Using 3 sets of diagrams, list relevant information you can use.

Apply the information to loose design direction in building scale, using site boundary as an underlay:

    • Program
    • Access
    • Public / Private
    • Circulation
    • Sun / Shade

Assignment 6.0 Concept Diagram

  • Create a new diagram(s) based on readings of your research diagrams
  • Address all the important issues related to your project (at least 4+)
  • Represent them in a sigle diagram or separate diagrams

Assignment 6.1 Packaging assignments 2-6

  • Package assignments 2 through 6 in a comprehensive 24″x36″ graphic board.
  •  Edit or drop information that does not support your project.
  • Consider clear and comprehensive presentation
  • You don’t have to print 24″x36″ board at this point, as revised version of this will be printed at fine quality and presented at midterm.

Next week’s presentation:

2/11       OMA / Casa Da Musica  Laura

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