Diagram Studio 2013 SP Week 03b

Assignment 3.0 review and discussion

  • What does the timeline diagram tell you?
  • How is it related to your project?
  • What aspect of your project is this diagram supporting?
  • Is the message clear? / Can you understand without verbal explanation?

Lecture on Location Mapping Diagrams (Big)

20121007160928081 copy

Category discussion

  • What to map? / How does it support your argument for the project?
    • Demographics
    • Economy
    • Transportation
    • Political tendency
    • Movement

Lab Session

Assignment 4.0

  • Create 4 diagrams, which support your project (current or previous)
  • Diagram about location
  • Scale can be city, continental, and global
  • Print 4 maps on 1 11×17” sheet for pinup on Monday

**Location diagram based on detailed site condition will be covered following week.


Next week’s presentation:

  • 2/4          OMA / Seattle Library  Susyn

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