DL03 2013SM Week 06

Student Presentations:

  • HdeM / Beijing Olympic Stadium // Lynn Lee
  • OMA / Kunsthal // Ron Shen
  • OMA / Casa de Musica // Josh Woo

Review of W05 Assignments

Assignment 5.0

  • Finalize God of love diagram using Illustrator.
  • Print it on 11×17″ size format.

Assignment 5.1

Revise 3 previous diagrams and present 3 set of diagrams in a comprehensive format.

  • Urban Site Diagram
  • Site Diagram (Observation + Analysis)
  • Time Diagram (target users)

Apple Keynote movie

Lecture on program + circulation diagram


Download Program Dia Slides here 

Download Circulation Dia Slides here 

Programmatic diagram demo on Rhino

  • Axonometric vs Perspective
  • Representation of surrounding condition
  • Exploded and coded
  • Illustrator lineweights
  • Annotations


Midterm Presentation Strategy


  • Urban Site Diagram
  • Site Diagram (Observation + Analysis)
  • Time Diagram (target users)
  • Program + Circulation Diagram

Slide Presentation

  • Technical things.  Knowing different shortcuts for applications.
  • Order and Sequencing
  • How do diagrams support your main argument about the project
  • Editing

Next Week: Midterm


Layout diagrams, 2d drawings, renderings, and other materials on two 40×30″ boards.

Do not think diagrams as separate entities from your project.  Think about cohesive argument that supports your project.

Slide Presentation

Think about sequencing and communication in a clear way.



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