DL03 2013SM Week 04

Student Presentations

  • OMA / Casa de Musica // Josh Woo
  • OMA / Netherlands Embassy // Will Kao
  • OMA / Prada NY // Haidy Gong

Review of W03 Assignments

Assignment 3.0 Site Diagram (Observation)

  • Create 3 separate site diagrams with 3 different of information.

Assignment 3.1 Site Diagram (Analysis)

  • Create a new diagram(s) based on readings of your research diagrams
  • Address all the important issues related to your project (at least 4+)
  • Represent them in a sigle diagram or separate diagrams

20121007164823033 copy

Mapping Time – Slide

Discussion session

  • How to map concept f time?
  • Time as linear concept or non linear concept?
  • If time is mapped as a linear line in X-Axis, then what can be mapped on the Y-Axis.

Graphics Exercise

  • Branching lines
  • Connecting dots
  • Radial diagrams

Assignment 4.0

Map time for target user(s) and space use

  • Pick one project from the past.  For your target user, select a relevant activity or behavior to the project, and create time mapping diagram.  The duration of the activity can be picked according to the type of behavior.
  • On the same timeline, create a time mapping of how your spatial project transforms through time.
  • The important question is, by mapping this instance, what are you trying to reveal?

 Assignment 4.1

Revise 2 previous diagrams and present 3 set of diagrams in a comprehensive format.

  • Urban Site Diagram
  • Site Diagram (Observation + Analysis)

Next week’s student presentations

  • OMA / Kunsthal // Ron Shen
  • OMA / Dee + Wlyl Theatre // Taylor Cheng

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