DL03 2013SM Week 03

1. Student Presentation:

OMA / PRADA LA // Sohyun Kim
OMA / Casa de Musica // Josh Woo

2. Review of W02 Assignments

Assignment 2.0

Urban Site Diagram

  • At least incorporate 4 different types of information
  • You can choose to put them in 1 to 4 diagrams
  • Create a diagram, which will support your project
  • Scale can be city, continental, or global
  • Print the on 1 11×17” sheet for pinup next week

3. Lecture Small Site Diagrams


4. Small Map Exercise (Assigned to each students)

On the big map, add layers for:

  • Public Transportation
  • Site Elevation
  • Building types and business names
  • Traffic
  • Building heights
  • Shadows throughout a day (Jan / Apr / July / October)
  • Average temperature over 12 months
  • Noise Level (proximity to street and other business / both plan and Section)

5. Analysis Layer and Concept Layer

Extracting information from your research diagrams.

  • Using 3 sets of diagrams, list relevant information you can use.

Apply the information to loose design direction in building scale, using site boundary as an underlay:

  • Program
  • Access
  • Public / Private
  • Circulation
  • Sun / Shade

Assignment 3.0 Site Diagram (Observation)

  • Create 3 separate site diagrams with 3 different of information.

Assignment 3.1 Site Diagram (Analysis)

  • Create a new diagram(s) based on readings of your research diagrams
  • Address all the important issues related to your project (at least 4+)
  • Represent them in a sigle diagram or separate diagrams

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