Ji Eun Kang DL3

Assignment 1.0                 Pictograms





Assignment 1.2                 A diagram of you

abt myself





Assignment 2.0                 Site Diagram (Observation)

entertainment diagram

Assignment 2.1                 Site Diagram (Analysis)

accessbility diagram_Page_1site diagram_Page_2



Assignment 2.2                TracingDiagram






Assignment 3.0                 Mapping time

eames chair diagram






Assignment 4.0                 God of Love

god of love2




Prada LA Presentation

prada la week5



Programming diagram trace





Assignment 9.0                 Program + Circulation

program diagram-01


Assignment 10                  Plan

1st floor


1st floor plan


2nd floor

2nd floor plan



3rd floor

3rd floor




Assignment 11.0               Section Perspective

section perspective




Material diagram (Furniture studio) material diagram-01-02




Assignment 12.0              Concept Animation








operatvie diagram 11x40

concept animation

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