Emily Nyburg_DL3

12.1: Surprise Me!perferated metal system diagram

12.0: Exploded Axonometric

FINAL public AXONFINAL room axon2

11.0: Material Diagram:

perspective public section 3

10.0: Animation

9.1: Plan

Guest Room Plan


Telsa suite plans [Converted]


Public Plan & Sectionplan [Converted] section [Converted]

9.0: Section Perspective

room section perspective 2

8.0: Operative Diagram

Environmental Effects

opperative [Converted]


Progression of Facade Design

facade opperative [Converted]

7.0: Movie Diagram – “The Big Lebowski” (with Julia Altschul and Randi Robins)

big lebowski2.2

6.1 : Portrait – Andy GutierrezAndy Portait

5.0: Concept Diagram

concept diagram-01concept diagram2-02

4.2: World Cup Prediction:

soccer diagram IN CLASS

4.0: “God of Love” Movie Diagram

God of Love Timeline



3.1: Site Diagram (Analytical) – Charging Stationscharching site diagram

3.0: Site Diagram (Observation) – Sun Diagram

sun diagraming


2.1: Tracing Diagram

mapping traceD VERSION


2.0: Mapping Timephrase time map


1.2: A Diagram of Youself diagram

1.0: PictogramsLAcars


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