DL03 2013FA Week 14

Student Presentation

Air + Port Haena


Lab Session:

  • Exploded axonometric draft
  • Presentation mock up contact sheet
  • In a few 11×17 sheet, tile all of your presentation slides.
  • 4 frames per sheet

Design Lab 3 Deliverable for the final presentation

  • Updated concept diagram
  • Updated operation diagram
  • Exploded axonometric of the entire building
  • Section perspective of entire building
  • Scaled plan drawing (not plan render)
  • Scaled section drawing (not section render)

Design Lab 03         2013 Fall        Assignment List

Please upload all of the assignments on your page of the website by MIDNIGHT of December 14th.  No late submission will be accepted.  Make sure each assignment is titled corresponding to below listed assignment titles.  Grading for DL03 will be based strictly on the works on the website.  Completion of 80% of the assignment is required for passing the class.  For all diagrams, please save as .jpg format and upload.  PDF format will not be reviewed.

Assignment 1.0                 Pictograms

Assignment 1.2                 A diagram of you

Assignment 2.0                 Mapping time

Assignment 2.2                Tracing Diagram

Assignment 3.0                 Site Diagram (Observation)

Assignment 3.1                 Site Diagram (Analysis)

Assignment 3.2                 Tracing Diagram

Assignment 4.0                 God of Love

Assignment 4.0                 Tracing Diagram from Programing Diagram book

Assignment 5.0                 Target User Diagram

Assignment 5.1                 Tracing Diagram from Programing Diagram book

Assignment 7.0                 Program Diagram

Assignment 8.0                 Operative Diagram

Assignment 9.0                 4 to 6 frames of concept diagram for ENV project

Assignment 9.1                 Movie Diagram

Assignment 10.0               Section Perspective

Assignment 10.1               Plan

Assignment 11.0               Exploded Axon

Final Assignment 01        Final boards (jpg)

Final Assignment 02        Final presentation slide (PDF)


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