DL03 2013FA Week 02

1 Review of W01 Assignments (Pinup)

Assignment 1.0

Based on your in-class sketch, create 1 parent icon and 10+ child icons, using Adobe Illustrator.  Lay them out in a 11×17” sheet of paper, print it out, and bring it to the next class.  Do not add any text to the layout.  Also, upload the image to your page of this website.

Important things to consider are:

  • Simplicity
  • Clarity of meaning
  • Consistency among family

Assignment 1.1

A diagram of you (Print 11×17″ color)

Create 1 diagram of who you are.  You can choose to combine following criteria:

  • Friends / Social circle
  • Places you have lived / visited
  • Musical / Filmic preferances
  • Your hobbies
  • Favorite designers
  • Timeline of your life
  • Transitions of your hairstyle

2. Student Presentations

  • W2  OMA / Kunsthal – Sam


Illustrator tutorial 01

  • Basic navigation
  • Fill and Stroke
  • Primitives
  • Pathfinder
  • Align
  • Back vs front


Illustrator tutorial 02

  • Tracing diagram


Mapping Time – Slide

Discussion session

  • How to map concept f time?
  • Time as linear concept or non linear concept?
  • X-Axis = time
  • Y-Axis = quantifiable number
  • Insert important events with pictogram
  • Pic a person / company / country .etc from Wikipedia

LAB session

  • Layout basic timeline
  • Sketch out events

Assignment 2.0

Mapping time (Print @ 11×17 color)

  • Create a time diagram
  • Be precise about numbers, and proportional representation of the quantity
  • In a clear graphics, explain what triggered a major change in numbers
  • The important question is, by mapping this instance, what are you trying to reveal?

Assignment 2.1

Site information

Collect as much of information about the site, and bring to the next class.

  • Photos
  • Street view screencaptures
  • Maps of many different versions
  • Public transportation information
  • Solar orientation information
  • Climate information
  • Site traffic
  • Site history
  • Programatic distributions

Assignment 2.2

Tracing Diagram  (Print @ 11×17 color)

Pick a page from Information Graphics book, and trace exactly the same way.

Next week’s student presentations

  • W3  OMA / Seattle Library – Rachel

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