You Say You Want a Devolution?

I agree with the statement. I believe that as artists, and designers we always have to look back at the past to see what other artist have done. Wether we look at those artist for inspiration, or to follow historic patterns. Over time humanity has been highly innovative in technology, and design (fashion, music,film, architectural, etc). However, design seems to be repetitive, or recycled. In some way it can be seen like we are giving a tribute to all these amazing artists, and designers who started these fashions, and trends, but I feel like it cripples our ability to create new things or bring about new ideas.

Like mentioned in the article, clothing and trends seem to be really ever since the mid nineties. Not only in style, but also colors and music. Although, throughout time we have seen a change in technology, not much can be said about our designs. The world has been through very drastic changes in the last decades, and little by little society has adjusted. Several inventions have revolutionize  our history, which have provide us with more understanding of our surroundings. As mention in the article, CNN was the TV channel people were fascinated with do to a lack of variety in programming, but now we have the internet. We can watch the news at anytime and anywhere from thousands of sources. So, if have made such improvements in our technology, why is it that we have not reflected the same innovation in to our fashion and design?

As a society we try to replace what we have lost throughout history. We make small gap  for improvement, and try to keep certain standards. Another aspect that as a society we strive to achieve is originality. However, it does not always translate and often times we  are mistaken about what truly is original. Personally, I think originality comes from talent. What and who is talented then becomes the hard question to answer.

Technology has helped our evolution, and archive our history. As well, the invention of many artifacts has given us the ability to discover new resources. Our consumerism has changed heavily through the decades, from starting with an industry that first provided for the needs of the people, to an industry that now over produces and persuades people in to over consume. As a consumer, often we look at corporations and industrialism for innovation and change. However, is seems as though companies have strategized a way to sell us the same old trends, and we as consumers have accustomed ourselves to buy in to it.

Just as advancements have progressed in technology, it is time to begin expanding a new era were functionally and design are quite important. We need to begin an era where identity, and culture are an important practice. People want to be unique, and different; therefore we as society show be innovative and provocative with our art, fashion, design, and trends. Hopefully, in a few years our we revolutionize our originality with the help of new generations that have been expose and educated on the issues discussed. Knowing the issues and having a better understanding of the cultural problems they cause, will be the first step to overcome them.

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